Ap Bau Bang II 3/5 CAV Black Knights

March 19 & 20 – April 13 1967 –“OPERATION JUNCTION CITY II” – Minh Thanh, Binh Duong Province, III Corps -


The Battles of Ap Bau Bang II, Fire Support Base 20, Suoi Tre, and Ap Gu, -

HHQ, A, B & C Troops and the Medical Platoon and Ground Surveillance Section of the 3rd/5th Cavalry each received Presidential Unit Citations -


Squadron became part of 1st Brigade 9th Infantry Division, attached to the 1st Infantry Division. Casualties for these operations were 282 US KIA and 2,728 verified enemy VC KIA.

Phase two began with the establishment of fire support bases along Route 13 from Lai Khe to Quan Loi (east of An Loc). During this multi-Division operation, the Old Reliables encountered their first important battle. In the pre-dawn hours of March 20, Troop A, 3rd/5th Cavalry was attacked by elements of the 273d VC Regiment near Bau Bang, about 34 miles north of Saigon. Massed troops of the VC 273rd Regiment erupted out of the rubber plantation, swarming over the ACAVs and tanks on the southeastern perimeter. A furious six-hour fire-fight left 230 VC dead, while friendly losses were 4 KIA and 67 wounded.

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