Books About The 3/5 CAV

While at the D Troop Reunion I met and talked with Rex Gooch. He has written a book about one of the outstanding pilots of D Troop. As most of you know D Troopers are very proud and confident about their duties in Vietnam, White Stetson's and their assorted patches. While Rex is telling the story about Ace Cozzalio he has loaded the book with explanations and insights into the minds and hearts of the D Troopers of 3/5 Cav;Lighthorse Pilots, Gunners, the Doughboys, Maintenance Men,Cooks, and the Commanders of lighthorse. Not unlike the books written about the BlackKnights Armor Recon part of the 3/5 Cav, this book tells of the fights and attitude and the honors of the Air Cav, but most notably it tells the story of LT. Col. Ace Cozzalio (A True Trouper) with the confident attitude the swaged walk we all have and how he was the leading influence guiding of the D Troopers Of Lighthorse 3/5 Cav BlackKnights.

Ringed In Steel

By Michael D Mahler

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Ringed in Steel

IF You Ain't CAV...

By B. Lee March

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If You Ain't CAV