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Brother Black Knights

We have a new mission:

We need all Troopers of all Troops to search your war time pictures for photographs of our fallen Brothers. We need to complete this mission as soon as possible!  I have a list of 99 Brothers that have no picture to go with their names on the Wall of Faces. Most all of us had cameras with us and I’m sure that all 99 had their picture taken at least once. If you locate a picture of any of our fallen Brothers we would like a copy of it with his name on it. If you can’t scan it you might be able to take it to a drug store or a Wal-Mart and have it done. Mail it to me at 414 Henson Pt Inverness FL 34450 or e-mail it to me at or to Bob Simonsen at- Remember to put a name to the face. If you have more than 1 please copy and send them all.


The Faces Never Forgotten program is an effort to put a face and a story to each name on The Wall through the generosity of those willing to help locate their photos and make financial contributions to build the Education Center.  This program will ensure this vital piece of history will be remembered and honored by visitors from around the globe for generations.





Dale  L. Blume 
Ronald  S. Allen
Joshua W. Eason
Willis J. Angus
Dale R. Hood 
Curtis Bauer
John W. Murphy III
Andrew Biedron
Robert E. Murphy
Edward W. Brown
Jerry L. Thompson
Benny  C. Burns
Jacob R. Trujillo 
Dickey Chamblee
David Dittmer
Willie C. Baker 
Robert E. Floyd
Bernard H. Bax 
Henry M. Hale
Theodore Brown
Marcos Hinojosa
Vernon W. Burgeson
Leroy Jefferson
Gordon L. Cables
Moses J. Lewis
Tom Davis Jr.
Clayton Liggins
Carl D. Dixon 
Edmund M. Loughlin
Mark H. Dixon 
Ernest D. Marcum  
Howard K. Fitzgerald
Victor L. Mills
Clarence Fulton 
Joseph L. Silon
Greg F. Goodman
Stephen M. Wiggins
Hubert E. Gordon
Willie A. Williams
George D. Harper
Theodore L. Wykoff
Elmer D. Hill 


Jack M. Jones
Raymond L. Armentrout
Joseph Nesbitt
Harvey W. Booker
Dale W. Parker
Bruce A. Cannon
Jimmie Patten
Raymond F. Carroll
James L. Pipes Jr.
Howard E. Cramblet
Richard N. Procida
Bernard Dillenseger
Joseph T. Roberson
Gerald T. Greeno
Charles E. Shaw
Oscar K. Higginbotham
Edward C. Sheldon
Ben W. Howell
Donald R. Sizemore
Lawrence L. Kelly
Gary E. Ward
Bert O. Lawrence
Floyd Watts
Melvin L. Martz
Lucion P. Wells
Gene F. Matthews
Ruben W. Westfall
Robert T. Nelson
Mathew Wolfe 
Charles D. Slayton


George M. Taylor
Larry O. Adamson
James R. Waldowski
Willis J. Angus
Robert D. Walters
Charles C. Bonnet
Ronald N. Wanbaugh
Levern  Cosom
Joseph B. Zell
Chester A. Cummings
Edward Duty
Charles T. Gilley
Kevin T. Gorma
Robert E. Herndon
Frank John Jr.
Ernest J. Nichols Jr.
Jeffrey Parmelee
Billy J. Patterson
Grover C. Pierson
Arthur H. Price
James L. Reichelt
Jack D. Wadley
Charles L. Wilk
James Lee Brown

The 2015 Reunion Newsletter

The first of several Reunion Newsletter has been posted on the sight. It is a little long but not as long as it was. Just click on the link LZ BlackKnight.