2015 Black Knights Reunion" UPDATE"



It is my pleasure to inform you that the reunion planning is in full wing and I have a preview of some things we are working on.

We will have Registration in the lobby opening on the 22 Sept. at 5pm or 1700 hrs. just under the Banner. Just like we did in Colorado Springs each Troop will register their own, and hand out welcome packages.

The motel has been very generous to us and very helpful in the planning of our reunion , thanks to their generosity we will have the largest Hospitality Room we have ever had, including a patio, that will open on Wednesday for your leisure.

Thursday will be Troop day , the Hospitality Room will be open all day,Troops wanting to have a Troop night this is it. There are several places that will be more than happy to reserve a large or small dinning area for your Troops night out, Contact your Troop Rep. if this is something you want to do.

On Friday we will be having a day of remembering, with a Stop at a Baptist Church for a brief Memorial and the reading of the names. Then on to the Wall where we will be placing a wreath, then after a time you will be going on a tour of your choice of 3 I think. We will have the busses for the Day so you don't need to rush, but do try to keep up with your group.

There will be places for you to stop and get a bite to eat along the way on the tours at your expense.

We will have 4 choices for the dinner on Saturday evening Tables of 10 can be reserved but you must fill all 10 sets at the table to make the reservation, Contact Kurt Kratzer the Vice President to make your reservation. The Hospitality Room will close at 4pm or 1600 hrs so the brothers staffing the Hospitality room can get ready for dinner. The Cash Bar will open at 6pm or 1800hrs for Cocktails the dinner will be served at 7 PM -1900hrs the DJ will be playing music from 6 PM to 11pm 1800-2300hrs.

That's all I have right now the Squadron newsletter LZ BlackKnight will be out before Christmas. "I plan"



We need Volunteers

We need your help and input in some areas to make this Reunion a success. I would like to set up a committee to work on a couple of projects to take charge of them and see them through.

(1) Quartermasters: I'm not asking you to spend your money on items, I'm asking for ideas for what we should sell, and some people to see that that the booth is manned. Items like T-shirts, bumper stickers, patches, stickers, etc. We will determine the funding later.

(2) Hospitality Rooms: B Troop

(3) Buses and Tours: We will have the buses for the day when we go to DC. My thought is after we visit the Wall as a Squadron, and have a Service there, we board the buses again and then start our Tour of DC. The bus Company will take us but we need to give them a schedule of stops. This will take some detailed planning to allow a reasonable amount of time per stop, including time to have a lunch. They do have people to act as Guides, but we need to provide the plans.

The Volunteers can be from anyone that would like to be part of the Reunion, so Ladies here is your chance to be involved. If we don't get enough Volunteers we will continue using Troops to fill in where needed  

If you would like to help and want to Volunteers please contact me: