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Chris Jensen an Army mopic photographer with the 221st Signal who spent some time with C Troop just follow the link C Troop 1970

2015 Reunion update

For those who missed the 2015 Reunion you missed out on a great time. Not everything ran smoothly but all in all it was one for the books. This was the first time we did a 4 day Reunion; the first time we had a Troop Night, and the largest attendance ever. The meal was the best I have ever had at a Reunion to date. This was also the first time we had a Memorial Service in stages; first the church, then on to the Wall. Chaplain Dan Scruggs once again gave a very moving introduction to the Memorial Service. After the reading of the names we reloaded the buses and headed to the wall, where Red Hagen, D Troop, led the Wreath carried by B Troop Rep Dave Grant and I, followed by Joe Pepe of C troop with his bugle. After the “placing the wreath” Joe played taps and the whole crowd got so quite all I could hear was the bugle. After spending some time at the Wall it was back on the buses for the tour of your choice.

Saturday we had the Squadron meeting where Mike Cook was unopposed for the position of President as was Kurt Kratzer the Vice President, . Tom Kell resigned as Treasurer as did Bob Simonsen our Secretary. Neither spot was filled right away but I’m happy to say that A Trooper Peter Moore has stepped up to take the Treasurers spot and will be ready to take over after Toms time has run out. As for the Secretary job I’m still looking for a volunteer. If you are interested feel free to contact me at  and I will put you to work. A discussion on what we are going to do about the our Memorial at Fort Knox as all of the Armor has moved out of Fort Knox and is at Fort Benning GA. I invited Rick Young from the National Armored Cavalry Museum Association at Fort Benning to talk about what is happening there and about the Memorial Gardens. A motion was made that we move our Monument to Fort Binning and add the five Troop Monuments to the new setting, It was unanimous, Now the Monument Committee Chairman, Richard J. Wandoff, Vice-Chairman, John M. Lotsman   A Troop, Peter W. Moore, -  B Troop, Thomas J. Player, - C Troop, L. David Webb, - D Troopers, Rawlin E. Hagen “Red”, Thomas P. Ford, - HHT Troopers, Timothy L. Martin, Frank J. Schrau, Jr., William F. Smith “Smitty will be setting up the fund raising so we will all hear from them soon. We are also going to send all documents that we gather up and send them to the Vietnam Center and Archive to be scanned and recorded for history     
For Saturday Dinner, we had 307 Adults and 14 Children.
The staff at the motel was just great if something came up they jumped right in to solve any problems.  We ended up a table short at the Dinner Dance and the kitchen staff jumped on it  without  missing a beat but did give an apology for not having a table cover like the rest of the settings.

ALL in ALL a Great Reunion
Thanks to all of our Brothers in arms
Mike Cook