Vietnam Timeline 3/5 CAV Black Knights

February 16 - March 27 1968 - Troop Movement

16 Feb.   3/5 Cav relieved at Blackhorse and returned to Bearcat to prepare for sealift to Da Nang.

A-Troop and C-Troop’s 2nd Platoon left early that morning for New Port, on the Saigon

River outside Saigon. C-Troops 3rd Platoon joined the column on Highway 1 as it passed

Tan Phong. Twenty-five new replacements (including Bert Keeler) were awaiting C-Troop


17 Feb.  The 3rd/5th Cavalry, less D Troop, moved from Blackhorse to Danang, I Corps, via LST –

OPCON  1st Marine Division. D Troop remained OPCON to 9th Infantry Division in the Mekong Delta.

19 Feb.  Co C, 2nd Btn., 34th Armor, 25th Inf. Div. attached to 3/5 Cav. AVLB Platoon, Co E, 15th

Engineer Btn, 9th Inf. Div. attached to 3/5 Cav. D-Troop, 3/5 Cav OPCON to 9th Inf. Div.

22 Feb.  One Platoon A-Troop placed OPCON to 1st ACD. Remained OPCON to 1st ACD through 21 March.

23 Feb.  Squadron (less D-Troop and one Platoon A-Troop) placed OPCON to 1st Marine Div.

25 Feb.  Last elements of Squadron arrive at Da Nang LST Ramp. 

22 Mar.  Squadron moved from Da Nang by LST and LCU.

23 Mar.  C-Troop prepares to leave Dai La Pass to return to Bridge Cargo Ramp at Da Nang for embarkation to Quang Tri Province. C-Troop was the trail element of the move.

24 Mar.  Squadron embarked on regular Navy LST. Early evening the LST headed down river for the South China Sea.

25 Mar.  Mid-afternoon LST entered the mouth of the Cua Viet River. Squadron disembarked at the LST ramp at the Naval Support Activity, Da Nang’s outport at Cua Viet. (located 7 mi. downriver from Dong Ha and 7mi. south of the DMZ). Squadron spent the night here.

26 Mar.  Shuttle to Dong Ha (up the cua Viet River) begins. C-28 tank rolled down the ramp and sank in the Cua Viet River.

27 Mar.   Movement to Dong Ha completed. Assigned to OPCON 3rd Marine Div. at Dong Ha